Currently working full time as electrical engineer at Lockheed Martin.  I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and wanted to make a website that I can use as my base of operations.

You can read what I do below, but my focus is PCB design, microcontrollers and VHDL coding.  Feel free to contact me about your projects and where you need help.  Whether it’s just a PCB you need created or a complete design, from concept to a finished board.  No project is too small or too big, of course I only take work I can do.

If you just want to contact me about my personal projects feel free.  Most of boards are posted on CircuitMaker as well.

What I Do

PCB Design

Create boards using tools such as Eagle, Circuit Maker, Altium and more.

Microcontroller Coding

 Build various functional libraries (in C) for MSP432, MSP430, ATMEGA328PB, LPC1114, SAMD10, just to name a few.

Analog Design​

Designed switch mode power supplies for LED lighting in the past.  Focus now is drone controllers, home automation and protection, and anything else fun/challenging.

FPGA Coding

Design small application systems using VHDL.  Including an 8-bit CPU (still in progress), a functional i2c module, a uart module, and more.  Designed using Altera FPGA’s and the Quaruts ii system.

Control Systems

I’ve studied a lot about various types of control systems and algorithms using various types of methods, such as the classic Root Locus plots, PIDs, various feedback loops and more.  My current projects are focused around those systems and past ones as well including an RV controller and an automatic wire measuring/cutting device.

Android Programming

​Although I don’t do it as much I have done a good amount of android programming.  Most has been unfinished products for fun but one was a fully functional messaging app using (at the time) PARSE.